Cold Sores, Lasers, and the 80's Kid

//You got it, we’ll laser it

It was 1992, when seat belts were optional and leaving kids in an idle car was called “Tuesday”. I was 6 years old, wandering the toy aisles of Gibson’s General Store, thinking about how my neighbor Trisha would lose her mind if I got the Rollerskating Barbie that shot *actual* sparks from her wheels. Those were the days when toys were for playing and sharing.

As we get older, though, toys take on a purpose other than simply bringing joy or making your friends super jelly; they lose their magic and become more practical. Toys become tools–for practical use. But is it possible for an object to possess qualities that make it both practical and magical? Absolutely. It’s called a friggin’ laser.

Lasers are more than just a device for lazy cat owners and unwanted hair removal. Lasers now have amazing lasering capabilities that apply to a myriad of dental issues. So, say you partied too hard with a bunch of Todds and Chads at ACL, UT lost a game, and your nonstop-Facebook-posting-politics-obsessed relatives are coming to visit. The stress is getting to you. You may start to feel a painful tingle on your lip, your throat is sore, and the glands in your neck are swollen. It’s the onset of a monster cold sore and these things pop up like a mother this time of year. What do you do?

Have Dr. Shah laser it right here in the office.

Seriously, it’s the smartest thing you can do for a cold sore right now. Here are my #hotpoints for treating a cold sore with laser therapy:

  1. one office visit
  2. painless
  3. results in about 48 hours
  4. long-lasting

If you’ve ever had a cold sore, you know how much is sucks. It hurts and it’s unsightly and crusty. And that’s one adjective that’s NEVER good when used on a person. Here are my #hotpoints:

  1. That apple pie looks golden and crusty!
  2. The outer core of Earth’s mantle is crusty.
  3. That girl is crusty.

Nope. One of those is not like the others.

Save yourself the pain and come see us as soon as you feel a cold sore surfacing. It will spare you the physical pain and will also keep you from having to style your hair à la Cousin It (as modeled by our lovely cover girl).



P.S. I did get that Rollerblading Barbie. Trisha did lose her mind and no one has seen or heard from her since.


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