Egg-scuse Me, My Sweater is Caught on your Tooth

Whenever I read something that opens with, “There’s a new trend in Japan…” I giddily brace myself for a delicious brain-tingling treat. Ice cream dispensers that look like butts? Yes, please. Wasabi flavored Kit-Kat bars? Heck yeah. A cartoon about a super lazy egg yolk named Gudetama? OF COURSE. Well, an article I just read about young Japanese girls altering their teeth to look more crooked is just what the doctor ordered. Yaeba, which translates to “double tooth”, is a dental procedure that involves capping teeth to make them look flared out. The theory is that it makes the wearer look more playful and youthful. Well, here in ‘Murica, we like straight, white teeth so much that we make snap-on smiles for toddlers in beauty pageants to make them look older and like 20x creepier.


Weird trends aside, if you’ve been noticing that one tooth in your mouth keeps moving, twisting, or snaggling, you may want to consider Invisalign. Teeth that like to move can result in a food trap, creating potential decay and gum issues. Invisalign can be a great tool in preserving your chompers and give you the curb appeal you so desperately need.

And ya know what? The beginning of the year is a pretty great time to look into Invisalign. You’ve probably got a brand new dental plan that covers a fraction of your cleanings and a 6-pack of Trident from Wal-Mart. Who knows, maybe they’ll pick up a portion of your Invisalign as well! Having straighter teeth not only improves aesthetics, you may find that it also improves the function of your teeth. Here’s some basic info to get your started:

How to know if you’re a good candidate:

  • You have teeth that are shifting and/or opening up spaces
  • You are packing away delicious leftovers in said spaces
  • Your teeth are chipping and/or wearing down

Initial Process:

  • We’ll take your first impressions and photos
  • Your custom trays arrive 4 weeks later
  • You wear those trays super diligently and don’t accidentally throw them away because you wrapped them in a napkin while you were stuffing your face at McDon-Don’s
  • Treatment time is anywhere from 12-24 months

Not bad! The beauty is that when we are done, you will have clear aligners to use as retainers at night and bleach trays to whiten teeth. They can also be worn to protect teeth from grinding and clenching.

So, If you don’t think your snaggle tooth is doing you any favors like making you look like an impish tween, you should ask Dr. Shah about Invisalign. For reals.

Floss always.

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